Thursday, July 24, 2014

Visit from the Stout's

The Stout's arrived on July 16th and we had a whirlwind week.  First stop was the Gilbert Temple. Other highlights were the Desert Museum where they got to pet a snake and hold Stick insects.  We also enjoyed climbing rocks and the Cookie Cabin at Mt. Lemmon.  Another great outing was going on the Monster Truck at the Ostrich Farm. The Lorikeet's thought Brody's head made a great perch. Pinnacle Pete's for dinner, Magic show, rides and the Wild West show brought giggles from everyone.We also celebrated Kaylin's birthday with the Missionaries and played fun games. Swimming in the pool brought smiles to all the kids. Roller Coaster roads, Mormon Messages, Invisible notes, Institute visit, piano,lizards, tarantulas, Grandma camp,  and the movies Planes and Forever Strong rounded out the week.

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