Saturday, October 18, 2014

Visit to the Ranch

We were so excited to get to see Austin at the Welcome Home Ranch.  He looked so good.  We got a tour and were able to meet about 14 of the Young Men and even stayed for dinner.  Right now Austin's reponsibilities are to take care of the chickens and cook the meals.  He seems very happy and recognizes the Lord's hand in his life.  We are so blessed.  

October 2014

What a great birthday week at the Institute.  I have been so lucky to teach classes and also present the devotional on Friday.  I chose the topic " Seeking Goodness"  and had 2 musical numbers Shantell Petty and Elder Petrungaro and role playing.  Then I was surprised as they opened the back doors for everyone to go to Dollar Lunch and saw it was all decorated to celebrate my birthday.  Sister Nymeyer made brownies and the tables were all arranged to spell out Stout.  I felt loved.  We also had a great opportunity at the end of the month to visit the Lewis Family in Scotsdale for the annual Father /Son Baseball tournament.  Scottie was pretty excited about Halloween and dressed up as LaBron James.

August 2014

We enjoyed a great Mission Conference with Elder Malm and his wife.  Some great insights:
  Success is measured by your ability to love.
 Grow up unto the Lord: Serve Him and walk in the light
 Our purpose is to invite.
 Everyone on earth chose Christ once , so see all people as "Yes sayers".
 What has the Holy Ghost taught you?
Matt: 14:14- The Lord says Come with what you have-- let me bless it-- I'll give it back and it will grow.  When you bring your capacity to the Lord, he will bless and empower you.
Here is a picture of Sister Passey, Sister Malm and Myself.